Animatronics Teardowns!

Learn about Halloween Animatronics and other animated gadgets and props!

You get 17 videos and close-up photos INSTANTLY!


We spent dozens of hours tearing these things apart and video taping them, and hundreds of dollars purchasing them, and you get it all for this low price!

Now you get a chance to see how they all work and
use those ideas in your own animation projects.


We tear apart all these and show you
how they work in large videos!

 (Most videos are large at 1280x720 pixels...
they pretty much fill your screen top to bottom)


These are all mostly, table-top props,
but the principles can easily apply to the larger Halloween props.


You Get 17 Tear-Down Videos!



The videos are not Hollywood-quality but each one is a darn good visual that is fantastic at showing you the motors, gears, and levers that drive these animated props!

See the complete Cauldron Legs video here!
You videos will be much larger - most of them are full screen.





Below are animated gifs just for fun, but of course you get full videos!



Cauldron Legs Video





Barking Dog 


Scary Doorbell video





Creepy Hand 




Electrifed Junction Box 


Get this Instant Download just to satisfy your curiosity about how these animatronics work,
or use the ideas to create your own animated masterpieces!


These videos will help you to make animatronics and mechatronics for
hobbies, Halloween, Christmas, and more!


You get 17 videos, and dozens of photos to help you learn
how to use hobby motors, gears, levers, and linkages.

Get ideas to make your own fun displays, props, and projects!




The guy who did the artwork below made them into little movies so you can understand all sorts of leveraged motion and I am going to email you his website address when you purchase!

The little movies are fantastic for learning about a variety of different levers, cams, and motion!



Bell Crank








Gear assembly

Gearhead motor

3v DC motor


Use what you learn for:

  • Christmas Displays

  • Halloween props

  • Store displays

  • Animatronics

  • Animations

  • Robots

  • Teach your kid about engineering

  • Teach yourself about engineering

  • Much more



How do they make Santa wave?

How do they make that coffin open and a skull come out of it for Halloween?

How do they make the skulls move in and out of the cardboard displays at the department store?


You'll learn the theory here and see actual photos and videos
of the mechanics of many of these devices.


 I guarantee the knowledge you gain will be well worth your purchase price or your money back!



Makes a great gift!

Download Instantly!