Animatronics Kits

I’ve always been fascinated by those in-store displays where the little muffin rotates around at the grocery store, or the coffin lid opens and the skull comes out at the Halloween prop store.

So I decided it was time I learned more about those little props and I’m going to tell you what I learned in this e-book and video kit on learning to make animatronics.

This information was not easy to find, and most of it was not laid out in a simple and straightforward way. So I think you are really going to be pleased with this book!

Getting Started
The first thing I did was search for books on the topic. Library, Amazon, eBay — there are not many! The best I could do was find some children’s books. They actually helped quite a bit!

Then I stopped at the local Michael’s craft store – that’s where I saw the chest with the skull coming out as the lid opens. That’s the one that really peaked my curiosity. So I just stood there and studied the mechanism each time the lid opened. You should do the same thing.

But wait! There’s more 🙂

Check the items below at eBay for so much fun you won’t be able to stand it!

Pages 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | more

Pages 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | more

I’m very excited about Halloween this year!

I just joined a new forum and will be getting started on more Halloween stuff for this year. I hope to become an affiliate for costumes and animatronic hardware and software things. I’ll keep you informed!