Buying resistors

If you’re going to purchase resistors, don’t get these blue ones. The color bands that show the values don’t show up well enough against the blue background. They’re fine if you only use one value for instance, but if you regularly need to read different values, at least for me, I got a refund because they were so hard to read.

Get the ‘normal’ ones with a brown background (these used to be standard until, like too many things, manufacturers got cheap and started to use lesser quality).

And watch out for the ones that have extremely thin leads. All of the blue ones and some of the brown ones that I’ve purchased from China have had very thin leads that are difficult to handle and they bend way too easily.

I found resistors from a US supplier that have the brown background and the ‘normal’ fatter leads at a very good price. Here is their ebay store:

Of course you can get them from other sources, too. I found them at and