Tin snips make terrific heavy-duty scissors

I have arthritis and cutting thicker things with scissors such as cardboard or heavy cloth, or yes, even tin, is difficult for me. I researched electric scissors but didn’t find anything that looked right. And the heavy-duty ones cost around $100.00 and I wasn’t about to spend that kind of money on scissors.

So I figured I’d try tin snips. Eureka! I love them for all of the above! They even just cut some hard plastic tubing that I didn’t think would work, but the tin snips went through it very easily. It’s easy now for me to cut all those thick things that used to cause me so much trouble. If you are having trouble cutting things, arthritis or not, get yourself some tin snips!

You can probably get them for under $10.00 and they’re fantastic! There are ‘straight cut’ style, left and right cut style snips. I didn’t want to be limited by a directional bias so I bought the straight cut and they’re working great!

I say “no thank you!” to this ad for wimpy scissors now that I’ve discovered my tin snips!